We propose a contest using breast cancer histological images. The contest is made up of two parts: Detection of mitosis on the one hand, and evaluation of nuclear atypia score on the other hand. Mitotic count and nuclear pleomorphism are important parameters for the prognosis of breast cancer. Both tasks will be performed on images of haematoxylin and eosin (H&E) stained slides of breast cancer.

Contestants are free to participate to one of the two tasks or to both tasks. Rankings will be made separately for each task.

This contest is a follow-up and an extension of a first successful contest on detection of mitosis that occurred during ICPR 2012. The major improvements from the first edition of the contest are nuclear atypia scoring and annotations provided by two senior pathologists and three junior pathologists.


For information or requests about the contest, please write to Dr. Ludovic Roux: ludovic17.roux@gmail.com


  This contest is supported in part by the French National Research Agency ANR, project MICO under reference ANR-10-TECS-015, and by the Fondation AVEC (Association Vivons Ensemble avec le Cancer).