Conditions of the Site

This document is intended to define the terms and conditions under which in one hand, University Pierre and Marie Curie, (hereinafter the “EDITOR” and its Partners, provide to their users the site “MITOS & ATYPIA Contest” (hereinafter the “Site”) and the services available on the Site and, in other hand, the way in which the users will access the Site and use its services.

The Site will be used during the “MITOS & ATYPIA Contest” (hereinafter the “Contest”). The objective of the Contest is two fold: to detect accurately mitosis on the one hand, and to evaluate nuclear atypia score on the other hand. Both tasks will be performed on images of H&E stained slides of breast cancer. Mitotic count and nuclear atypia are two important criteria in breast cancer grading.

The Contest shall commence on the 16th of December 2013 and subsist until the 24th of August 2014 (hereinafter the “Term”).

ny connection to the Site is subject to compliance with these conditions.

For the user, simply accessing the site EDITOR at the following URL implies acceptance of all the conditions described below.

Intellectual Property Rights

The general structure of the Site, as well as text, graphics, images, sound and video composing, are the property of the EDITOR or its Partners. Any representation and/or reproduction and/or partial or total use of content and services offered by the Site, by any means whatsoever without the prior written consent of EDITOR or its Partners is strictly prohibited and could constitute an infringement under Articles L 335-2 of the Code of intellectual property of France.

All elements of this Site, including downloadable documents, are free of charge during the Contest and their use is limited for the Contest solely. They can not be used for commercial, research and advertising purposes. The EDITOR authorizes users to view or download a single copy of the material (defined as “frames at X20 and X40 magnication extracted from 10 slides of breast cancer”) on this Site solely for the Contest.

At the Term of the Contest, the user must destroy the information and/or documents and/or material and no copy must be retrained.

Responsibility of the EDITOR

Information and/or documents available on this Site are subject to change at any time, and may have been updated. In particular, they may have been updated between the time they are downloaded and when the user’s knowledge.

The use of information and/or documents and/or material available on this Site is under the full and sole responsibility of the user, who assumes all the consequences arising therefrom, without the EDITOR can be sought in this respect, and without recourse against the latter.

EDITOR shall in no event be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the interpretation or use of information and/or documents and/or material available on this Site.

Access to the Site

The EDITOR strives to allow access to the site 24 hours 24 7/7 days, except in cases of force majeure or an event beyond the control of the EDITOR, and subject to any breakdowns and maintenance necessary for the proper functioning of the Site and the services.

Therefore, EDITOR can not guarantee availability of the Site and/or services, transmission reliability and performance in terms of response time or quality. There is no provision for technical assistance with respect to the user either by mail or telephone means.

The responsibility of the EDITOR can not be held liable for inability to access this Site and/or use of services.

Moreover, EDITOR may be required to discontinue the Site or part of the services at any time without prior notice without any right to compensation. The user acknowledges and agrees that the EDITOR is not responsible for interruptions and the consequences that may result for the user or any third party.

Changing conditions

EDITOR reserves the right to modify at any time without notice these conditions in order to adapt them to the Site and/or its operation.


The user acknowledges that the information and/or documents and/or material in of an experimental nature. No express or tacit warranty of any kind whatsoever is given by the EDITOR.

The user agrees and acknowledges that any use of the information and/or documents and/or material that is handed over to it pursuant to the Contest is exclusively its own responsibility and the EDITOR and its Partners shall not be associated or incur any liability of any kind whatsoever regarding the use, distribution and operation of the information and/or documents and/or material.



Applicable Law

Both this Site and the terms and conditions of use are governed by French law, whatever the place of use. In case of any dispute, and after the failure of any attempt to search for an amicable solution, the French courts will have jurisdiction to hear the dispute.


By registering to the CONTEST, I certify that I have read the disclaimer and terms of use of the “MITOS & ATYPIA Contest” website and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions.


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